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Platform transparency

Complying with the applicable legislation, you can find below the informations relative to the Search Engine Optimization and Flight Packs ranking in our Platform. If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us by using the form here.

1. Search Engine Optimization and flights ranking in the results page

There is no capitalistic link or compensation of any nature between members of the community and Windiver which is likely to influence the search engine optimization or the flight packs ranking in our platform. This is also the case for authorized Instructors who post trained flights in the platform.

Any host, as a natural person, having an active account in the platform is authorized to post a flight.

The flight is published and posted among our search results as soon as it respects the search engine optimization conditions below :

You are only authorised to post a flight pack if you fulfill all the following conditions :

Furthermore, we are likely to dereference a flight pack or block your account in case you do not respect our T&C’s, in particular, as a planner, as mentionned in replicated Article 8.2 below :

« Furthermore, when you use the Platform as Planner, you undertake :

Concerning trained flights, only instructors that have been approved by Windiver after having their qualifications checked are authorized to post some of their trained flights in the platform.

Flight packs are classified by chronological order in the platform, this means according to the date and hour of the first flight posted by the host or the instructor, from the earliest flight to the latest.

Furthermore, on the top of each page of results, a « Filters » block is located. These filters allow to refine search results by :

2. Comparison of trained flights, coached by professional instructors

We allow professional Instructors to post some of their trained flights on our platform. These flights are ranked in accordance with the explanation in the paragraph 1 above.

There is no capitalistic link or compensation of any nature with the Instructors. After the approval of their registration, we don’t receive any compensation from these professionals : we only apply the same fee as the shared flight fee, paid by the participants. The amount posted on our platform for these trained flights includes thus the amount of the cost contribution of the flight time previously purchased to the wind tunnel by the instructor and our service fee (tax-included). The fees regarding the trained session by the instructor, which amount and terms can be stated in the flight pack description should be considered as an extra fee by the participant and must be paid directly to the instructor during the flight, windiver is not taking part in that transaction.

3. Important informations

In accordance with the provisions in Article D.111-8 of the consumer Code, we inform you that :

(a) Persons authorized to post flight packs on our platform are only (i) natural persons who created an account in the platform as a non-professional and who published shared flights and (ii) the qualified instructors authorized by Windiver to post some of their trained flights in the platform.

(b) Our platform dedicated to wind tunnel flight time sharing for indoor skydiving practice, allows to (i) bring together experienced flyer (proflyer) who is in possession of a reserved access for wind tunnel time for his own account and other experienced flyers in order to share the practicing space (flight chamber) and therefore the associated costs and (ii) book seats for wind tunnel training flight time with a qualified indoor skydiving instructor authorized by Windiver to post some of their trained flights in the platform.

(c) In the context of flights, we collect, in exchange for use of the platform, service fees calculated on the basis of the cost contribution, where appropriate. The methods for calculating the service fees in force can be provided on simple request sent to the email address contact@windiver.com.

(d) In the context of a shared flight or trained flight, and after automatic acceptance of the booking, Windiver shall collect the whole of the sum paid by the participant (service fees and cost contribution). The cost contributions received by Windiver are deposited in an account dedicated to payment of the hosts and instructors.

(e) The cancellation of a seat on a flight by the planner or the participant after booking confirmation is subject to the stipulations hereunder :

- In the case of cancellation owing to the Planner, the Participant is refunded the whole of the sum paid (i.e. the Cost Contribution and the related Service Fees). This is notably the case when Planner cancels a Flight. Windiver reserves the right to suspend your Account, limit your access to Services or cancel these T&C’s if cancellations are considered, to its sole discretion, as to frequent and/or repeated ;

- In the case of cancellation owing to the Participant :

Version 1.0 - updated on January 3rd 2019