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Frequently asked questions 🤔

Get answers on how to find & organize indoor skydiving flights at the best price


How does it work ?

Windiver allows you to find other flyers like you who want to fly in a wind tunnel in Europe to share a flight time with them to have fun and progress while sharing the costs of the session.

Who can use the service ?

Anyone who has already flown in a wind tunnel and acquired a sufficient level to allow him to fly independently in a wind tunnel can use our services.

If you have any doubt about your level, we invite you to discuss it with the instructor with whom you fly regularly, this one will be able to indicate to you if you are ready to fly in group.

How to create my account ?

From the sign-up page, you can create your user account. You will then receive a confirmation link by e-mail allowing you to activate it.

For a better experience, we invite you to complete your profile to allow your future flight partners to get to know you better.

Where can i fly with windiver ?

Currently, you can organize your shared flights in about thirty wind tunnels in Europe located in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden & Switzerland. These wind tunnels were selected for their wind quality (recirculating technology) and for the diameter of their flight chamber, two criteria that guarantee an optimal experience for group flying.

You can find the list of free fall simulators available here.


How does flight sharing work ?

When you have a booking for a time slot in a wind tunnel, you can share your flight time with other users by posting a flight offer. This one will then appear in the list of the available flights on the platform.

When users decide to join you, they can book their place and pay directly online. You will then receive an email indicating the reservation of a place for your offer.

48 hours after the flight, you will be able to request the transfer of participation fees that have been paid to you by other users directly from your user account.

Can everyone share a flight ?

Currently, only residents of the following countries are able to share a flight on the platform: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

We're working with our payment partners to expand our service offerings to as many people as possible.

Why do I need to provide additional information to enable flight sharing ?

The money you receive via Windiver for your shared flights is the sharing of charges between individuals. These are therefore non-taxable amounts, which force us to verify certain information to allow transfers of money between individuals. The good news is that once this information is transmitted and the flight sharing is activated, you will not need to provide it again.

What information do I need to share a flight ?

Your booking information such as the location (wind tunnel), the date, the time slots of each flight, the flight time for each slot and the amount paid for your booking.

Your sharing choices such as the number of people who will fly together (you included), the description of what you offer (type of flight, your level, etc ...).

Is it possible to share several flight slots on the same offer ?

A flight offer can hold up to 4 flight slots on the same day and in the same wind tunnel. If you want to share more slots or different places or days, we invite you to create several offers.

On which criteria to choose the number of people who will share my flight ?

Unless you are an instructor who organizes a training session, you will occupy a place among those you propose, so you must take into account criteria such as the size of the flight chamber, your skills and your type of flying.

We also advise you to limit the number of places available on your flights to make sure they are complete and do not end up with empty seats (and lose the value of these places). As a reminder, the price paid by each participant is equal to the amount of your reservation divided by the number of places available.

At which rate should I offer my shared flight ?

Windiver allows sharing of booking fees without making any profits, for flight time purchased for your own use. We invite you to enter the amount you paid for your purchase from the wind tunnel.

The money you receive via Windiver for your flight offers is the cost sharing between individuals. These are therefore non-taxable amounts. In case of doubt, we invite you to contact the tax authorities of your country of residence.

Why is the price of my flight displayed in the flight offers different from the one I filled out when it was published ?

The rates displayed in the flight offers correspond to the share of each participant, they include the participation to the costs of your reservation (amount filled / number of participants) and the service fees.

How much does it cost to share a flight ?

To share a flight costs you nothing. The person proposing a flight to be shared does not pay any fees and recovers all the amounts related to the contribution to the booking fees paid by the other participants.

Where can I find my shared flight offer ?

If there are still seats available for your shared flight, you can see it in the search results of flight offers until the day before the date of it.

In any case, you can always find it in your user account under 'Current flights'.

How can I change or cancel my shared flight offer ?

On the page of your flight offer, you will find a button allowing you to modify the description of your offer, and a button allowing you to cancel and automatically refund (if necessary) the participants already registered to your flight.

How to get the money back from my shared flights ?

In the 'Bank account' section of your account, you will find a form allowing you to save a bank account to be credited.

In the 'Payouts' section, you will find a button to transfer the participation fees from other flight participants to your account as soon as it became available.


Who can book a flight ?

Any adult (over 18 years of age) with a level of flight in indoor skydiving sufficient to fly in groups and can make a payment by credit card.

How to book a seat on a flight ?

Once connected, from the flight search results page or directly from the page of a specific flight offer, you can reserve a seat by clicking on the 'Book now' button. The selected flight offer is automatically added to your cart.

From your cart, you can then pay directly online to confirm your reservation.

Once the payment of your reservation made, you will be redirected towards the page of confirmation of your order. A summary email will also be sent to your email.

Can the price of my reservation change according to the number of participants ?

No surprise, the price displayed when booking is the one you will pay regardless of the final number of participants on the day of the flight.

Where can I see my bookings ?

You can find all of your current and completed bookings from the 'My bookings' section of your user account.

Is it possible to cancel a booking ?

If you cancel a booking until one week before the date of the flight, the participation fee will be fully refunded. Only Windiver's service fees will not be refunded.

If you cancel your booking less than a week before the date of the flight, or if you do not show up on the day of the flight, the sums paid during the booking (participation & service fees) will not be refunded.

When should I arrive at the meeting place ?

In general, the wind tunnels ask the flyers to arrive at the spot one hour before the time of the flight to guarantee the reservation. This will give you time to meet and discuss the program with your flight partners, get equipped and if necessary, sign the waiver of the wind tunnel (if this is your first time there).

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