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Windiver : the passion of flight sharing in wind tunnels

July 2019 - by Müge

Our « First Time »…

Do you remember your first time? The first time you arrived in front the huge building where you’re going to fly? Impressive, isn’t it?

When they first ask you to put the suit and the helmet on… Admit that you felt yourself like a hero, like an astronaut ready to take off to conquer the world.

This is exactly how we felt the first time. The wind that carries you gracefully, the incredible sensation of lightness and the smile on your face as a human reflex we can observe in each person that dares to enter the tunnel.

A passion is born

Our feet on the ground after having regained our composure we thought that this moment of happiness was definitely too short and that we wanted to fly more, and more… And when we went to pay the session, we thought, well.. 2 minutes of flight is better then nothing and we decided to stop here.

No really, you can calculate it quickly. For the same price, we could have done a nice restaurant, a good concert in the front raw or a monthly gym subscription. It’s a pity because we found that this sport was too awesome and incomparable. We’re talking about flying guys… It’s so magic!

Few time later, it was no surprise then that the passion took over the reason and we decided to pursue flying and never mind if we had to eat pastas everyday for that! Spaghettis, macaronis, farfalles, linguine… after 6 months, we became the pros of pasta while progressing a little bit more every day in our favorite sport along with our coachs.

The creation of Windiver

Months later and after a Huckjam session, where we flew with other proflyers we didn’t even know before, the idea of Windiver began to grow in our minds. Why not flying more often with others? It could be the opportunity to have fun, progress quicker and moreover, to share costs at the end of the session.

« The more i share, the more i fly, the less i pay! » The idea is fantastic!

Yes, but then where could we find other enthusiasts like us to share this flight time? …🤔… Eureka! We were going to create a website where you can find other proflyers and fly together… Go! 🚀

And that’s how it began, starting from this experience and need, the website Windiver was born! So it’s a big pleasure for us to announce you after more than a year of hard working, that we are providing this share flight solution for all the enthusiasts of this great sport.

What we imagine for you

We knew we were not the only ones that were looking for other proflyers to fly with in order to share flight sessions. We also knew that it’s not easy to talkto people you don’t know to ask for money after a session.

After having selected and integrated the most appropriate wind tunnels for group flying (flight chamber dimensions, air flow quality…) in Europe, our goal is thus to respond to this need by letting you :

- to announce and open a session to other proflyers as a planner,

- to book a session that suits you as a participant (time, schedule, practice level…),

- to fly together and let Windiver deal with the payment of each participant and the repayment of the planner thanks to a secure payment system on the platform.

Such a car sharing service or rental apartment between private… Our mission is to help you to find other proflyers, share flight time with them and pay less. 🤙

Our Values first

What we like most of all at Windiver, is to have fun. We even wrote this notion at the top of our values when creating Windiver. Savings you can make by flying together is only an excuse to fly more in order to have more fun.

Indoor skydiving is above all a benevolent sport, with a community of enthusiasts that loves sharing… Sharing flights, knowledge and… 🍻 We are extremely happy to contribute at our level to the development of this sport and the creation of these moments of sharing.

Join the movement and together let’s contribute to the widening of the proflyers community by making this sport accessible to the largest number possible.

See you soon in the wind 🌪

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