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Share your Love of indoor skydiving

Our mission

Windiver mission

Windiver is a wind tunnel time sharing platform for bodyflying lovers.

We dedicate ourselves to make indoor skydiving more accessible.

Our mission is to help people find flight offers at the best price possible.

More than a sport, indoor skydiving is something funny to do, a bit acrobatic, even poetic sometimes, always fascinating and definitely good for your mind.

When was the last time you feel exhilarated ?

How it works ?

Windiver share time

Once you bought some flight time at your favorite wind tunnel, you can create a shared flight session online.

Just define how many people your are willing to host, set the rate you paid for each bloc and you’re done !

Share your time

Windiver book flight

Search flights based on your location, availability dates and the desired flight duration from the available offers.

Book your place, pay online and receive email confirmation.

Book a flight

Windiver share flight

Join your partners directly at the wind tunnel. Define the objectives of the flight and rock the tunnel together.

Relax, concentrate and do not forget to smile to enjoy your flights.

Fly together

Windiver save money

After the flight, each participant has 48h to review the session.

The planner payback will be available after this deadline for a bank transfer request (and can take 5 to 7 days).

Save money

Behind the scenes

1st april 2014 (no joke), i had my first time at Airspace, and i can remember that on the way back i was totally ecstatic, repeating constantly to myself… « I wanna do it again… ».

Getting back to it made me realize that i couldn’t afford flying as much as i wanted, even if Huckjams were a nice way to fly cheaper while having fun with other people

I tought that if i could set up something that solve my problem, it will certainly help other flyers too.

This is how i started Windiver, i hope you’ll enjoy it too.


Credit: Anna Galperin (The Bananas 🍌)